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Photoshop, product of Adobe, is a widespread graphic design and photo software that is very powerful and versatile. But if you, for example, do not have any version of Photoshop, you don't understand why it is worth using. Adobe Photoshop is irreplaceable software for designers all over the world.
With Photoshop you can create artistic effects with filters that emulate brush strokes. It is so easy to change the colors of images to sepia or black and white . You can add or remove grain, change contrast, sharpen the colors and remove "red eye" effect. Photoshop has many other cool editing tools that can be used by designers.
Graphic Design
If you need a graphic design program, Photoshop is ready to give you the freedom of creative work. It based on a layer system, which gives you a chance to create several layers with separate design on each of them. This greatly helps with exclusive creativity and excellent color blending. Photoshop works fine with vector graphics. Vector is a specific image type where the size of graphics is no matter, it will save its integrity and image will not become grainy.

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